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Survival Guide for Empaths by Way of the Horse presented by Sarah Charuk and Darcie Litwicki

Date: Sat. April 30, 2022

Time: 9 - 5                                                                                      

Location: Desert Awakenings

Cost $195 Early bird special till April 15 $179

Are you an empath that struggles to thrive in today's world? Are boundaries and people pleasing causing you discord? Then this workshop is tailored for you.  It is a spiritual one day workshop with tools to cope in this world as an empath.  Horses are master teachers for us.  They feel energy as we do and respond accordingly.  Embrace  being an empath for the true gift it is by allowing acceptance to unfold with the assistance from the herd.

Through story, Native tradition and interactive time with horses discover the wisdom they have to share.  Experience a Native American smudge and be one on one with a sentient horse to experience their healing ability through reflective grooming.

Each participant will then have a session with a chosen horse from the herd as they walk the labyrinth with their horses companion.  We also get to be creative and paint on our desired horse.  We end the day by feasting and drumming to express gratitude.  

Your life has purpose and meaning.  Let us share our stories and reclaim our power as empaths. 

        Sarah Charuk                                                                                                               Darcie Litwicki

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