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Neotribal the Gathering - Water Ceremony



Workshop was a wonderful success thank you to all who participated.


Sarah Charuk and Diane Olsen

October 4 & 5,  2014 



Finding Your Passion through the  Horse and Mandala is a spiritual two day weekend workshop to guide you as you discover your passion for life through creative and interactive time with horses and painting your personal mandala.


You will experience a Native American Smudge ceremony to begin the weekend, followed by meeting the horses and reflective grooming.


Each participant will then have a personal coaching session with a chosen horse from the herd.


You will also have the opportunity to walk a labyrinth with or without a horse.


Sunday afternoon will be spent creating and painting your personal mandala as an expression of your passion and purpose.       


Sunday evening following the workshop from 6-8:30 pm, a feast and drum circle is offered to those who would like to participate in a social time and spiritual celebration of their weekend experience.

Come along on an exciting journey to re-discover your heart’s desire. Open your heart through the Smudge, the horse and a personal mandala.  Return home with renewed passion.


Saturday and Sunday

October 4 & 5, 2014


Morning Session 9:30-12:30

Afternoon Session 1:30-4:30


Early registration with deposit is required. Credit cards accepted.

Limited to 12 participants

Cost $375


All art and painting materials and Sunday evening feast are included in workshop fee. Bring your own lunch.


All work with horses is on the ground with no riding.


Contact and sign up information




October 4-5, 2014

Desert Awakenings Ranch

Phoenix, Arizona

The Sacred Smudge Ceremony


The smudge ceremony is a Native American practice for spiritual cleansing, bringing in positive energy.

The significance of the smudge ceremony will be discussed and its power of ritual in our lives.


Led by

Sarah Charuk


The legacy of love Sarah received from her mother and Cree grandmother is at the heart of Sarah’s work. Her program T.E.W.A. was created for this purpose and is named after her own beloved horse and teacher.


T.E.W.A. stands for “Together Everyone Will Awaken” where she combines the healing power of horses with spirituality. Sarah was recently honored to be a facilitator at the Healing Horse Symposium in Denver, Colorado in May, 2014. 


Sarah is a social worker and incorporates the native culture as a healing tool in her work.


The Horse

Sessions guided and coached by

Sarah and Diane


Our beautiful horses are waiting to meet you. Each has their own unique personality and way of being to help you discover your passion for life. 


Their presence is welcoming and satisfying as they help open new doors of discovery for your own answers, bringing fresh awareness of your heart’s truest desires.


A reflective grooming session will begin your time with the horses, followed by a personal coaching experience with a chosen horse from the herd, with either Sarah or Diane.  



Graycie – a Quarter Horse

Stormy – a Tennessee Walking Horse

Tewa – a Paint Horse          

Painting a Mandala


You will design and paint a personal mandala as an expression of your passion and purpose and reflecting your weekend experience.  An introduction to the history, structure, and purpose of mandalas will be briefly taught. 






Desert Awakenings (T.E.W.A) and Heart2Horse Coaching come together



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