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Together everyone will awaken T.E.W.A. I invite all those who are interested in awakening on a journey with Tewa, Xena, Stormy and myself in the beautiful Sonoran desert. Peace, calmness and tranquility are the words I would use to describe Desert Awakenings. After working as a social worker for 25 years using spiritual principals, I am honored to share and reflect with others in an environment that supports our ability to awaken. Through this process we remember what we already know. As an awakening guide I allow myself to be as a "hollow bone" letting spirit or energy run through me as an instrument to act as a guide only - allowing you to discover your own answers. I am not a counselor or therapist. I am here to assist in the awakening process. I have found through my Native tradition and other spiritual practices a way that has awakened me if I practice these simple but profound principles. It started with my own searching and as they say; you only teach what you need to learn. Through my own self discovery I was asked to share with others and I have been humbled and honored to do so.  I have incorporated my team members Tewa, Xena and Stormy to also assist in healing and opening hearts. These beautiful horses have healed my heart and I am excited to share their profound wisdom and healing abilities with you. They are looking forward to meeting you. Please come and join in this miraculous healing journey back to yourself with the assistance and guidance of Native American teachings and the herd . Leave the ranch with the remembrance and peace of mind that you know what is best for you. When you discover your spirit you are able to see the spirit in others henceforth having more compassion for everyone, making this world a better one. - mitukye oyasin
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