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Lessons from Morrie

Finally, I sit down and do what my heart has been crying out for. I have be attempting to write a blog for months. I can get caught up in the same feelings as many of you, not good enough, I don't write, blah...blah.. on and on...I was so inspired by a recent training When Is Now I could no longer stifle the voice saying do it now- When is Now! Thank you to Randy and Lisa Miller, Nancy Friedman, to all the techies for their relentless determination and to the tribe. Thank you for lifting me again to remember why I do what I do as an awakening guide and now as a When is Now being Advisor. I thank God for the synchronistic events that led me to the recent training and back again to my purpose and passion. A kick in the pants is good for us all to recharge and awaken.

I was comfortable in my chair this morning, thinking about my recent raining and watching Soul Sunday, horses quietly outside eating their breakfasts and who comes on Soul Sunday but Mitch Albom who wrote the book "Tuesdays with Morrie". It rocks my world again. I suggest you purchase the book if you don't have it. So many profound lessons lay within this small book's pages. Today I remembered what I needed again so I share my thoughts and insights from the book with hope that you walk away having your Aha moment as I did again. The book is about Mitch and Morrie's ( who is terminally ill), 18 visits before Morrie transitioned. One of the biggest lessons I learned from their visits(besides to savor every moment) was that we don't know how our act of kindness can change the world. People's tenderness stays inside of us. People might not remember your name but they will remember how you made them feel. My mission is to be kind-that's all I need to do when I am with people or animals. My beloved horses are great teachers for me. I feel so good when I focus on kindness. Mitch's book and lessons from Morrie reinterated this message to me. It takes off the pressure of needing to say or do the right thing. Try it if you don't believe me. "Just be kind" as Mother Teresa stated. No matter what do it anyway. I have left everything else out of the equation. From just being kind and present everything else follows. Divine intervention comes into play. I know intuitively what to do or say next and I walk away just knowing I put my loving self forward and I will be guided. Think about it. How do you feel when someone is truly listening and not playing with their phone or looking around? When you look at them or when you are on the phone they can tell you what you just said. Personally it's the best gift to me. Unfortunately I am surprised at times when I look up and see someone is truly listening. That is sad when we are surprised to have others present. We can all give these gifts, try it today, be quiet and just listen.

Thank you Morrie and to Mitch Albom for having Morrie live on and the ripple continues. One voice done for the right reasons can change the world. I agree Mitch Albom.

-Sarah Charuk- T.E.W.A. Together Everyone Will Awaken.

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